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WRA 6th Annual Mountain Art & Garden Sale

The WRA invites you to the
6th Annual

October 13th, 2018
9 am to 2 pm

Cold Spring Tavern

Proceeds to benefit the

Come early for breakfast and stay for lunch!

For further information call 964-7194 or email community@wildlandresidents.org

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WRA Annual Business Meeting


September 29, 2018
9 am

Cold Spring Tavern

The annual meeting includes presentation of the Annual Report, election of officer and discussions on local issues.

For further information call 964-7194 or email community@wildlandresidents.org

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Santa Barbara County
A Whole Community Initiative 

Are you registered for emergency alerts? If not, click here for further information on how you can register for alerts in your area.

Are you prepared or preparing for emergencies and disasters such as fire, flood and earthquake as well as prolonged power outages? Aware & Prepare provides information that can be helpful for you, your family and business here.

During an emergency, additional information important information, evacuation and shelter news can be found at Santa Barbara County readysbc.org.

Community Emergency Response Team & Alertar y Preparar LISTOS

Santa Barbara County has an extremely robust and award winning Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training program. Santa Barbara County CERT programs are overseen by a local executive committee with regularly scheduled CERT classes held throughout the county. Regular, specialized and custom classes can be held for your school or work at no charge. For further information, call the WRA at 964-7194 or visit Aware & Prepare. Don’t wait for an emergency, get trained now on how you can be better prepared.

In conjunction with Aware & Prepare, Alertar y Preparar LISTOS is a grass-roots, basic emergency and disaster readiness public education program for Spanish-speaking populations. The Alertar y Preparar LISTOS program is a CalOES California Volunteers grant program serving all of California. For further information, please visit here.

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Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

Updated: 7 September 2018


Community Wildfire Protection Plan Under Attack
Public Hearings in October

Dear WRA Members and the San Marcos Pass Communities:

As you know, the Wildland Residents Association (WRA) has been involved in protecting our mountain homes from wildfires for over 35 years. These efforts include brush clearing projects, public education, our chipping program and the operations of the San Marcos Pass Volunteer Fire Department. Most recently, the WRA along with other citizen representatives and local volunteer, county and Los Padres National Forest fire staff have been involved in preparing a long range Community Wildfire Protection Plan (“CWPP”) for protection of our communities.

In the wake of the Whittier, Thomas and Holiday fires – all within the last year – the Santa Barbara County Fire Department has also begun serious long range planning for protection of homes and resources all along the Santa Barbara front country and elsewhere within the county. However, if you follow any of the local media you know that these efforts are now under serious attack by some badly misguided organizations that want to posture as protectors of the environment and don’t care what it costs those of us who live in the mountains. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is really about the environment because our CWPP is the most environmentally protective plan that has ever been done in California. The current CWPP draft is posted below.

While we strongly believe that our elected county supervisors will ultimately do the right thing; however, we cannot leave this to chance. Mountain residents – you -need to stand up and be resoundingly heard on these issues. We are now facing the biggest challenge ever to our ability to defend ourselves, our homes, our animals and our neighbors against wildfire dangers that grows worse each year due to the effects of drought and climate change.

A public hearing on these issues will be held sometime in October of this year by the Board of Supervisors. It is vital that mountain residents attend this hearing and make their voices heard. We will keep you informed on dates. In the meantime, it is none too early to educate yourself on the issues, talk to friends and neighbors, start writing public officials and local media to support rational and effective fire protection measures.

In coming weeks the WRA will be issuing more bulletins and posting additional information on the WRA website and elsewhere about these important issues because keeping informed matters in that ignorance and misinformation are our opponents’ best friends. If you have questions, please contact the WRA by email at community@wildlandresidents.org or call the office at 805-964-7194. You can also email the Development Team through the county fire department at CWPP@countyofsb.org. Additionally, you can monitor this website and NextDoor for future notices and document postings.

San Marcos Pass-Eastern Goleta Valley  Mountainous Communites MPEGV CWPP V5 Reduced

San Marcos Pass-Eastern Goleta Valley Mountainous Communities CWPP Draft V3.1 2017NOV30 (Historical document)
Home Survival in Wildfire Prone Areas- Building Materials and Design Considerations Cal Fire Homeowners Checklist
Cal Fire Homeowners Checklist
Los Padres_climate change summary_Final_March 2016
EGV_SMP_Relative Hazard Rating Fuels
Development Team Memo – Timing of CEQA Compliance for CWPP

SMP CWPP Fuel Modification Guidelines – Version 2

EGV SMP Damage Run Potential San Marcos Pass

Community Wildfire Protection Plan Development Process


DRAFT- Development Team Mtg Agenda_MAY15_2017

Fuel Treatment Effectiveness_05012017

19APR2017_draft_structure related components

Ember Exposure Zones_02232017

Development Team Meeting Notes_04172017

Draft Development Team Mtg Agenda_03062017

Fuel Treatment Prioritizaton Process_DT_03062017
John Smith, USFS Santa Barbara Mountain Communities Defense Zone Memo, 21 March 2017

*** ***
San Marcos Pass Community Wildfire Protection Plan
by: Philip Seymour, Esq. 

Counsel to the WRA 

Early last year a small group of mountain residents organized by the Wildland Residents Association and Painted Cave Volunteer Fire Department began working on preparation of a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (“CWPP”). After meeting with wildfire experts from the Santa Barbara County Fire Department and U.S. Forest Service, and joining an environmental representative from the Urban Creeks Council, mountain representatives began meeting with a County “Working Group” assigned by County government to collaborate in preparing the CWPP. Working with County government can be challenging at times. However, after overcoming some major obstacles, the CWPP process will be going fully public on January 26, 2017. Below is a summary of relevant information about the CWPP process for mountain residents and others interested in participating in the process. [Read more →]

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In Case of Emergency

As residents of the San Marcos Pass community we have learned to be self reliant and sufficient. We frequently depend on our neighbours for a helping hand. However, in the event you see something suspicious, a traffic collision or a fire, please call 9-1-1 directly. There have been several recent incidents where people have called neighbours first. The can cause confusion and further delay emergency response should it be required. It is better to be on the safe side and report something that turns out to be nothing than to not report something real.

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