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Santa Barbara Mountain Communities Defense Zone Project


The US Forest Service – Las Padres National Forest is initiating an analysis of the “Santa Barbara Mountain Communities Defense Zone Project” on the Santa Barbara Ranger District. The project proposes to create and maintain eight fuel breaks on approximately 418 acres of chaparral to help manage against the wildfire threat posed to the mountain communities in the project area.

The proposed project would be located on the Santa Barbara Front in the Santa Ynez Mountains. This area is north of U.S. Highway 101, in Santa Barbara County, California. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean between Santa Barbara, and Gaviota, California. A full description of the proposed action is available on line at the following Forest Service Web page.


Santa_Barbara_Mountain Communities_Proposed_Action09302015

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In Case of Emergency

As residents of the San Marcos Pass community we have learned to be self reliant and sufficient. We frequently depend on our neighbours for a helping hand. However, in the event you see something suspicious, a traffic collision or a fire, please call 9-1-1 directly. There have been several recent incidents where people have called neighbours first. The can cause confusion and further delay emergency response should it be required. It is better to be on the safe side and report something that turns out to be nothing than to not report something real.

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If you are interested in what is going on locally, take a moment to join Nextdoor, a private social network for the San Marcos Pass. You can log in to sign-in at https://sanmarcospass.nextdoor.com/login/ . Nextdoor is a local network for the exclusive use of the San Marcos Pass communities. The network is not open to anyone outside the immediate community. You can provide as much or as little as you want to contribute to support our local news.


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WILDFIRE: Past, Present and Future

Retired California Fire Marshals Kate Dargan and Ronny Coleman talk about their recent article WILDFIRE: Past, Present and Future on Community Alert, sponsored by the California FireSafe Council. Click HERE

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20 Weeks to Preparedness

Start your year off with a worthwhile family project.

20 Weeks to Preparedness
Building a Disaster Supplies Kit Checklist

20 Weeks to Preparedness

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