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Fire Season Media Release

Ventura County Fire 
Santa Barbara County Fire
CAL FIRE San Luis Obispo Unit
CAL FIRE Monterey Unit
Los Padres National Forest

April 10, 2015

On April 13th, 2015 the Los Padres National Forest, Ventura County Fire, Santa Barbara County Fire, CAL FIRE/San Luis Obispo County Fire and CAL FIRE/Monterey are increasing their staffing levels, fire engines, bull dozers, fire crews, helicopters and air tankers for this fire season. With a fourth year of drought and continuous record breaking temperature this winter, our wildland fire season situation on the Central Coast has unprecedented conditions. Wildfire intensity is influenced by three factors:

1. Fuel Conditions ( how dry is the vegetation)
2. Topography (the steeper the slope the faster a fire can spread and the more difficult it is to access)
3. Weather (fires burn faster and hotter under dry, hot, windy conditions)

While we do not know what the weather will bring this summer, we do know that our fuel conditions are severe with significant mortality in our brush, oaks and timber. Fire season is always difficult on the Central Coast, but under bad weather conditions this year the burning conditions will substantially challenge our firefighters, and threaten our communities. NIFC Predictive Services Forcast

Ready, Set, Go!

With fire activity this spring already above average, the Central Coast should remember “Ready, Set, Go!” Being Ready for a wildfire starts by maintaining 100 feet of Defensible Space and hardening homes with fire resistant building materials. Being Set by having an evacuation plan and Wildfire Action Plan. Lastly, when a wildfire strikes put your evacuation plan in effect and Go!; evacuate early.

One Less Spark, One Less Wildfire

Approximately 95 percent of all wildfires are sparked by the activity of people, which means that almost all wildfires are preventable. One of the leading causes of wildfires is outdoor powered equipment. Use powered equipment before 10 a.m. and never on hot and windy days. When clearing dead or dying grass don’t use a lawn mower or weed trimmer with a metal blade. Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained with nothing dragging on the ground like trailer chains. All residents and vacationers need to be extra cautious outdoors because one less spark means one less wildfire. Ready for Wildfire

With the increase fire conditions on the Central Coast, as of April 13th burning restrictions in all four counties are in place. For details please contact your local fire department and the local air pollution control agency. All wildland areas now have the following requirements:

1.  Spark arresters are required on all off-highway vehicles, chainsaws, and other internal combustion engines and equipment;
2.  A permit is required for all welding, grinding, cutting, or use of explosives;
3.  Tracer ammunition is prohibited at all times;
4.  Fireworks are prohibited in all state responsibility areas and federal lands;
5.  Burn permits are required where burning is allowed (contact your local fire department and air pollution control agencies for details)

Homeowners in the wildland area are now required to maintain 100 feet of defensible space around all structures on their property. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a fine. In a joint message from the fire chiefs – “Our men and women are prepared for fire season. We now need the residents who live in our wildland areas and visitors to our forests to make sure they are.”

Visitors to the Forest are encouraged to call the local Ranger Station for more information on conditions and camp fire restrictions in the Los Padres Forest.

For further information visit Santa Barbara County Fire website.

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In Case of Emergency

As residents of the San Marcos Pass community we have learned to be self reliant and sufficient. We frequently depend on our neighbours for a helping hand. However, in the event you see something suspicious, a traffic collision or a fire, please call 9-1-1 directly. There have been several recent incidents where people have called neighbours first. The can cause confusion and further delay emergency response should it be required. It is better to be on the safe side and report something that turns out to be nothing than to not report something real.

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If you are interested in what is going on locally, take a moment to join Nextdoor, a private social network for the San Marcos Pass. You can log in to sign-in at https://sanmarcospass.nextdoor.com/login/ . Nextdoor is a local network for the exclusive use of the San Marcos Pass communities. The network is not open to anyone outside the immediate community. You can provide as much or as little as you want to contribute to support our local news.


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WILDFIRE: Past, Present and Future

Retired California Fire Marshals Kate Dargan and Ronny Coleman talk about their recent article WILDFIRE: Past, Present and Future on Community Alert, sponsored by the California FireSafe Council. Click HERE

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20 Weeks to Preparedness

Start your year off with a worthwhile family project.

20 Weeks to Preparedness
Building a Disaster Supplies Kit Checklist

20 Weeks to Preparedness

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