Community Education and Outreach

Rocky Siegel is the WRA CWPP Committee representative and Phil Seymour is our representative on the Santa Barbara Fire Safe Council. Phil’s recommendation, based on Page 179 of the CWPP, is for the WRA to proceed with the development of an ongoing educational program for all area residents on structure hardening and maintenance of defensible space. This would be in cooperation with the Santa Barbra County Fire Department and supplement the statewide program, “Ready! Set! Go!” The elements of this outreach would include:

  • Update to include comprehensive and current information on home vulnerability analysis, structure hardening options, defensible space requirements, evacuation planning and preparedness, local emergency plans, and contact information for further inquiries.
  • Develop a “newcomer” style outreach program for new area residents that would include written information and face-to-face contact by experienced residents or firefighters regarding fire danger, evacuation planning, defensible space maintenance and structure hardening options. This program would encourage new residents to sign up for emergency alerts.
  • Update the WRA 20 Weeks to Preparedness booklet list of supplies and publish updated local information sheets and pamphlets for distribution at community events, on or upon specific requests.
  • The WRA should sponsor an annual preparedness workshop for the entire San Marcos Pass community with subjects including long-term fire weather forecasts, updates on fuel management, evacuation, local firefighting, available assistance for structure hardening, chipping program and defensible space.
  • Establish a speaker list of qualified local representatives from fire agencies and the scientific community to speak at events regarding wildfire safety issues, structure hardening and fuel management planning.