Water resources and their management is a profound challenge confronting the entire state. Major changes have already occurred with more in the immediate future that will include small private well systems. The WRA could assist local water companies and purveyors in appreciating the importance of remaining informed regarding regulations and testing mandates. As a community, […]

The WRA has established a formal communications group (KI6HFQ) under the supervision of Trustee Phil Brittain. We have signed a formal Agreement with the local Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) teams within Santa Barbara County to provide mutual aid assistance as may be required. The intent is to provide reliable, […]

The CWPP addresses the need for safety zones and assistance for those potentially trapped or that cannot evacuate safely. Locations need to be identified and proper authorization obtained to use them. This effort needs to include a drill to ensure that everyone knows what is involved in reaching them in a timely manner. This would […]

Currently, evacuation planning is minimal – perhaps more reactionary than planned – at the county and local community level. Historically, the county has utilized telephonic notifications coupled with door-to-door contacts by Search and Rescue and/or sheriff’s deputies. These efforts have been enhanced by the WRA utilizing the “San Marcos Pass Emergency Radio Systems” (SMPERS AM-1040) […]

Rocky Siegel is the WRA CWPP Committee representative and Phil Seymour is our representative on the Santa Barbara Fire Safe Council. Phil’s recommendation, based on Page 179 of the CWPP, is for the WRA to proceed with the development of an ongoing educational program for all area residents on structure hardening and maintenance of defensible […]

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training: CERT is a 20-hour FEMA training program that is promoted at the state level utilizing local program managers at no charge to participants. Learn More