Message From the President

March 2020

Dear Neighbor,

Whatever our plans were for 2020, they are now forever changed as we find ourselves in new uncharted territory. The Coronavirus and how we as a community have responded has presented many challenges, yet, opportunity is also available for those who look past the current predicament and can start planning for the future. 

Perhaps the past wildfires have better prepared us for what we are experiencing today. As a community we are better prepared, better educated about self reliance and better stocked for long-term sustainability. However, this is not a fire, earthquake or weather related calamity. It is a serious health problem with profound and long lasting impacts on us, both health wise and economically. Indeed, we need to remain calm, focused, disciplined and dedicated to supporting our community. 

While there is no shortage of information sources available on the Internet, not all are accurate, reliable or free of agenda-driven reporting. Consequently, the following websites may serve you best as you seek further, accurate and unbiased information: 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
California Department of Public Health
Santa Barbara County Public Health Department
Santa Barbara County

The WRA, the San Marcos Pass Volunteer Fire Department and our CERT team are here to help you and support our community. The administrative staff have been in contact with known residents in current or future need. If you are someone who needs assistance or could need assistance in the future,  please give us a call at 964-7194 or email

WRA renewal card blank
Bylaws of the Wildland Residents Association
WRA Tri-fold brochure


                                                                           Santa Barbara County
A Whole Community Initiative 

Are you registered for emergency alerts? If not, click here for further information on how you can register for alerts in your area.

Are you prepared or preparing for emergencies and disasters such as fire, flood and earthquake as well as prolonged power outages? Aware & Prepareprovides information that can be helpful for you, your family and business here.

During an emergency, additional information important information, evacuation and shelter news can be found at Santa Barbara County

Community Emergency Response Team & Alertar y Preparar LISTOS

Santa Barbara County has an extremely robust and award winning Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training program. Santa Barbara County CERT programs are overseen by a local executive committee with regularly scheduled CERT classes held throughout the county. Regular, specialized and custom classes can be held for your school or work at no charge. For further information, call the WRA at 964-7194 or visit Aware & Prepare. Don’t wait for an emergency, get trained now on how you can be better prepared.

In conjunction with Aware & Prepare, Alertar y Preparar LISTOS is a grass-roots, basic emergency and disaster readiness public education program for Spanish-speaking populations. The Alertar y Preparar LISTOS program is a CalOES California Volunteers grant program serving all of California. For further information, please visit here.