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KI6HFQ – WRA Communications Support Team


Wildland Residents Association
Communications Support Team
Club Trustee Clive P. Brittain, W6OQX 

The Wildland Residents Association, San Marcos Pass Volunteer Fire Department operates Amateur Radio Club Station KI6HFQ pursuant to §97.5, et seq., FCR under the supervision of the Club Trustee in support of the Communications Support Team. The purpose is to augment and support the WRA during emergencies with public information and serve as communications liaison within the Santa Barbara Operational Area.

Anyone may be a Communications Support Team member providing they are a WRA member. You do not need to be a licensed Amateur Radio Operator or a member of any other association. If you are interested in becoming involved in local emergency planning, education, preparation and communication operations, the Communications Support Team may be of interest to you. Please email the Trustee or call the office at 964-7194 for further information.


Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL)
Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) Santa Barbara County
Amateur Radio Relay League Amateur Radio Emergency Services Plan

§3.14 – KI6HFQ Club Station Policy & Procedures
WRA Amateur Radio ICS 205 Master Communications Plan

Local, State and Federal radio frequencies

WRA and ARES Memorandum of Understanding  

FIRESCOPE Multi Agency Coordination System Radio Communications Guidelines, MACS 441-1
FEMA National Interoperability Field Operations Guide v1.6.1 (1)

CERT_Emergency Communications_Power Point in pdf format
CERT Emergency_Communications Power Point 070516


146.400 Mhz. Buellton Area VHF Simplex
146.520 Mhz. National VHF Calling Channel
146.540 Mhz. National VHF Simplex 2
146.550 Mhz. National Emergency VHF Simplex Channel
146.560 Mhz. National VHF Simplex 3
146.580 Mhz. Solvang Area VHF Simplex
147.420 Mhz. Santa Ynez Area VHF Simplex
147.510 Mhz.
444.750 Mhz.
446.000Mhz. National UHF Calling Channel


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21 February 2019