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San Marcos Pass

Cold Spring Bridge

Ugo Arnoldi, Vice President
Community Representative


When threatened by a fast moving wildfire, you should gather your family and leave immediately. Do not wait. Execute your evacuation plan.

Do not panic. Keep alternate routes in mind as a backup should your primary rout become blocked. Know the location of clear or defensible areas in your immediate community if you have to flee suddenly.

Time is a major factor in determining which, if any, of the following activities can be completed. In an immediately encroaching wildfire, you should grab your family and leave immediately. If time permits, you should consider the following:

PARK VEHICLES HEADED OUT. Leave keys in ignition. Close car windows. Close garage door but leave it unlocked.


Locate and pack pets in carriers.

Pack irreplaceable, important documents.

Keep radio and scanner tuned to emergency stations for reports and evacuation information.

Shut propane tank valve which is located on top of the tank.

Close all windows, skylights, interior and exterior doors. This will block circulation of air and movement of fire from room to room. Do not lock.

Remove lightweight curtains if possible. Close heavy drapes and blinds.

Place ladders against front of house, or away from advancing fire.

Check hose connections and water pressure.

Fill all available containers with water.

Place metal covers on trash containers.

Nail plywood covers over windows and vents.

Move lawn furniture indoors. Pull combustible furniture away from windows.

Put tin foil on inside of windows to reflect heat away from house.

Turn on all lights in the house, on the porch, in the garden and in the yard. This will enable fire fighters to spot your property at night.

Set lawn sprinkler on roof, connect hose, but do not turn no until you see burning embers begin to fall. Conserve water and water pressure for those who are in more immediate danger. If your roof is nonflammable, as they all should be on the mountain, this procedure should not be necessary.


Check with immediate neighbors on your way out. Honk horn, alert others. Evacuate neighbors pets or open gates and enclosure. Use your judgment as to the safest way these animals will survive.

Offer to take neighbors children, pets and irreplaceable if they are staying to fight the fire. Arrange a meeting place.

If there is time, check with the Volunteer Fire Department or Auxiliary so they do not waste time trying to locate and evacuate your later.

Leave the area quickly but do not speed. Drive safely. It is very important that you do not block the roads.

If Highway 154 Is Impassable

Know the location of clear or defensible areas on the mountain.

West Camino Cielo
Lusink property – behind mailboxes
Gun Club – locked gate

East Camino Cielo
Forest Service Station – next to Cielo Store

Painted Cave
Laurel Springs Ranch

If a situation exists preventing your evacuation from the area, get to one of these safe locations. Park your car heading out, leave keys in car, and windows up.

Remember-your own life is more important than your most valued possessions. If you have taken all proper precautions before the fire, the odds of your property surviving a wildfire are greatly enhanced.