SMM 42065: 2020 Calls for Service

Date/Time Call Location Number Disposition
5 Jan. 2020
11:30 hrs.
Community Service El Gaucho Lane SMM 20-001 Chipper service
8 Jan. 2020
09:12 hrs.
Vehicle Fire SR-154 at Paradise Rd. SBC0344
SMM 20-002
Truck moving west on SR-154.
County Fire to handle.
9 Jan. 2020
20:00 hrs.
Wires Arcing 277 Rosario Park Rd.  SBC
SMM 20-003
No immediate hazard.
Edison to handle.
12 Jan. 2020
19:06 hrs.
Vehicle Fire SR-154 near Windy Gap SBC
SMM 20-004
Fire out upon arrival of Engine 13.
15 Feb. 2020
Community Service 5595 West Camino Cielo SMM 20-005 Multiple pile burns.
25 Feb. 2020
17:50 hrs.
Vehicle Fire 4961 Paradise Rd. SBC
SMM 20-006
06 Mar. 2020
17:31 hrs.
Vehicle Fire SR-154 at West Camino Cielo SBC
SMM 20-007
09 Mar. 2020
16:34 hrs.
Brush Fire SR-154 at West Camino Cielo LPF 498
SBC 3009
SMM 20-008
Camino Incident
21 Mar. 2020
08:00 hrs.
Community Service San Marcos Trout Club SMM 20-009 Community pile burn.

2019 calls for service

This log only reflects those calls that San Marcos Pass VFD responded or provided services as reported to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) and the California All Incident Reporting System (CAIRS). This log does not indicate all traffic collisions, medical aids or public assistance calls in the area. Specific information regarding the total number of incidents can be obtained from the Santa Barbara County Fire Department: 805-681-5500.

Specific information regarding traffic collisions can be obtained from the California Highway Patrol-Goleta Office: 805-967-1234.

Specific information concerning medical aids is confidential pursuant to HIPAA. General information can be obtained from the County Fire Department. Paramedic services are provided by American Medical Response through contract with the County of Santa Barbara under the supervision of the Department of Public Health-Emergency Medical Services: 805-681-5274.

Specific information regarding USFS-Los Padres National Forest can be obtained from the Goleta supervisors office: 805-961-5793.

Non traffic related law enforcement issues are provided by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office: 805-681-4100.

The Sheriff’s Department provides additional law enforcement under contract with the Forest Service during the summer months, primarily in the Paradise Canyon area. The time, type of call and location is as provided by County Dispatch at the time of the call.

AFV: Vandenberg FD
BOR: Bureau of Reclamation
CRP: Carpinteria-Summerland FPD
GUA: Guadeloupe FD
LMP: Lompoc FD
MTO: Montecito FPD
LCI: US Penitentiary-Lompoc
LPF: United States Forest Service-Los Padres
SBC: Santa Barbara County Fire Department
SMM: San Marcos Pass VFD
SMR: Santa Maria FD
STB: Santa Barbara City FD
USB: UC Campus Fire Marshal
SBSO: Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department
XSB: Santa Barbara Operational Area