2020 Renewal

Dear Mountain Resident,

It is already June and time again for your 2020 Wildland Residents Association (WRA) membership renewal. Not unlike last year, we are projecting a significant fire season further complicated by COVID-19 and serious financial challenges throughout California.

Indeed, we are living in difficult and demanding times. Your continued financial support is needed to cover our ongoing operational costs for such things as radio repair, firefighting tools and equipment, mandated training, vehicle and equipment fuel and insurance. For the last 38 years, WRA has had to paid employees — all professional services are provided by well-vetted, licensed and insured vendors. All WRA personnel are volunteers who donate hundreds of hours each towards supporting our community.

The San Marcos Pass Volunteer Fire Department responded to the 3,126-acre Cave Fire on November 25th and the 6-acre Camino Fire on Marth 9th. These fires drive home the reality that we live with a year-round fire season and our diligence is essential in maintaining a viable fire prevention effort. You can sponsor a firefighter with your $1,000 donation.

In addition to supporting the SMPVFD, the WRA works to reduce hazards by collaborating with local, state and federal agencies on fuel mitigation, firebreak construction projects, fire protection planning, and public education. Moreover, the WRA has established a FEMA-recognized Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) as a member of the Santa Barbara County Operational Area.

The impacts of COVID-19 have caused us to cancel our 8th annual Mountain Art & Garden Sale, the 2020 fundraiser at Cold Sprint Tavern. Nevertheless, the financial need remains. Are you i a position that you could help us replenish this lost income? These critical funds are used exclusively for equipment, maintenance, and supplies.

Please send your tax-exempt membership fee and pay any specific donation with the enclosed emergency contact renewal page. You can also donate online at wildlandresidents.org. New WRA members will receive a reflective address sign for their yard.

On behalf othe WRA Board of Directors, I thank you for your continued support. Please visit wildlandresidents.org for additional information, including updated emergency notifications and preparedness/prevention education.


Mike Williams, President-Executive Director